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CAPA Honors Denise Tapia-Watson as the Activity Professional of the Year 2016

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June 10th at the Awards during the annual CAPA Conference Denise Tapia-Watson was

recognized as the Activity Professional of the year. She has worked at the Myron

Straton Home for 23 years. Denise started in the laundry. When the Activity Director

position was available she was the obvious choice. She became a Certified Eden

Associate and Certified Gerontologist.


Denise is active in her local CAPA Southern Chapter. She is always willing to help in

any way she can. She attends all the workshops and conferences to keep current on

training and trends.


From her co-workers we learned: “The thing that makes Denise so great at her job is

that it’s not a job to her, it is her life and she lives it every day.” “You can always

depend on seeing a smile on Denise’s face.” “Her attitude of helping others is

appreciated by many, including residents and staff.”


Residents state “She is the light of our lives here and keeps our spirits and attitudes in a

high state.” “She is the ‘fix it’ for everyone.” “She puts her heart and soul into every

activity.” “Denise shows great patience and enthusiasm in all her duties on a daily



However, the best way to understand Denise and her passion is in her own words from

her mission statement.


My Mission Statement

The best way for me to describe why I do what I do is by using metaphors …..

I feel that we all have a song in our hearts; some of us hear the music every day, some

of us hear the music louder than others, some of us try not to hear the music at all. My

goal, my passion, is to help those elders that deny that there is music, a reason to hear

it again, a reason to listen to it, a reason to play it and feel joy with it once more. For

those elders that hear the music of their hearts quietly, I want to try and give them a

reason to hear it a little louder. For those who hear the music of their hearts loudly and

clearly, I want to teach them to share it then, share it with others. I thank God every day

for the blessing of a song in my heart and for the ability to share that with others. I do

what I do to say thank you. I do what I do to help others look for their music, look for

their joy and look for their happiness. I hope in some small way that I can bless the lives

of the elders as much as they bless my life each and every day!

•• Denise Tapia-Watson


Congratulations, Denise on this well-deserved honor!