Web Links

State Activity Professional Organizations

  1. Arizona- Arizona Association of Activity Professionals theaaap.org

  2. California- Southern California Association of Activity Professionals scaap.info

  3. Connecticut Association of Therapeutic Recreation Directors http://www.catrd.com

  4. Florida- Florida Health Care Activity Coordinators Association myFHCACA.org

  5. Illinois- Illinois Activity Professionals Association illinoisactivities.org

  6. Indiana- Indiana Activity Directors Association indianaactivitydirectors.org

  7. Iowa- Iowa Association of Activity Professionals http://www.iowaaap.org

  8. Maryland- Maryland Activity Coordinators Society http://www.macsinc.org

  9. Massachusetts- Massachusetts Council of Activity Professionals themasscap.org

  10. Michigan- Michigan Association of Activity Professionals http://www.maaponline.org

  11. Milwaukee- Milwaukee Area Activity Professionals themaap.org

  12. Minnesota- Minnesota Statewide Activity Professionals Association http://www.mnswap.org

  13. Missouri- Activities Directors Association of Missouri http://www.activitydirectorsofmo.org

  14. Nevada- Southern Nevada Activity Professional Association snactivitypro.net

  15. New Mexico- Association of New Mexico Activity Professionals anmap.com

  16. North Carolina- Coalition of Activity Professionals http://www.coap-nc.org

  17. North Dakota- Activity Professionals of North Dakota http://www.ndactivitypros.org

  18. Ohio- Resident Activity Personnel in Ohio http://www.rapohio.org

  19. Ohio- Northern Ohio Association of Activity Professionals noaap.com

  20. Ontario- Activity Professionals of Ontario activitypro.ca

  21. Pennsylvania- Lehigh Valley Activity Professionals lvapa.com

  22. Pennsylvania- Pennsylvania Activity Professional Association papactivitypro.org

  23. South Carolina- South Carolina Activity Professionals Association scapasc.org

  24. Tennessee- Tennessee Association of Activity Professionals

  25. Virginia- Virginia Association of Activity Professionals http://www.vaaponline.org

  26. Virginia- Richmond Area Association of Activity Professionals raaap.org

  27. Washington- Washington State Association of Activity Professionals wsaaptoday.org

  28. West Virginia- West Virginia Activity Professional Association http://www.wvapa.org

  29. Wisconsin- Wisconsin Representatives of Activity Professionals http://www.wrap-wi.org

Professional Organizations

  1. Alliance of International Aromatherapists alliance-aromatherapists.org

  2. American Cancer Society cancer.org/

  3. American Health Care Association http://www.ahcapublications.org/

  4. Alzheimer’s Foundation of America http://www.alzfdn.org/

  5. Association of Senior Citizens seniorassistancecenter.org/

  6. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services cms.hhs.gov

  7. ColoradoAlzheimer’s Association http://alz.org/co/

  8. Colorado Assisted Living Association http://www.coloradoassistedlivingassociation.org/

  9. Colorado Culture Change Coalition coculturechange.org

  10. Colorado Health Care Association cohca.org

  11. Eden Alternative edenalt.org

  12. NationalAARP aarp.org

  13. Leading Age http://www.leadingage.org/

  14. National Adult Day Services Association nadsa.org

  15. National Alzheimer’s Association alz.org

  16. National Association of Activity Professionals naap.info/

  17. National Association of Activity Professionals Credentialing Center http://naapcc.net/

  18. National Certification Council for Activity Professionals nccap.org

  19. National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners nccdp.org

  20. National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification nctrc.org

  21. Pioneer Network pioneernetwork.net

  22. Mesothelioma Justice Network https://www.asbestos.net/mesothelioma/patient-timeline/

Activity Resources

  1. Active Minds For Seniors ActiveMindsForSeniors.com

  2. Activity Calendar Boards http://www.corkboard.com/

  3. Activity Connection activityconnection.com

  4. Activity Director Network activitydirector.com

  5. ActivityPro activitypro.net

  6. Arapahoe Community College  (MEPAP Training)  http://www.arapahoe.edu

  7. Attainments Aging Resources attainmentcompany.com

  8. BeauLily twiddlemuff.com

  9. Best Alzheimer’’s Products bestalzheimersproducts.com

  10. Colorado Parks; Recreation Association cpra-web.org

  11. Colorado Talking Book Library myctbl.org

  12. Care 4 Elders care4elders.com

  13. Creative Forecasting http://www.creativeforecasting.com

  14. Daily Doings http://www.dailydoings.net/

  15. DH Special Services dhspecialservices.com

  16. Elder Song eldersong.com

  17. Elder Source http://www.eldersourceinfo.org/

  18. Fit Minds Cognitive Learning Products http://www.fitminds.ca/

  19. For Love & Art https://www.forloveandart.org/

  20. Forsyth Park Learning Products http://www.activitiestraining.com/

  21. Heath Professions Press http://healthpropress.com/

  22. Healthcare Training Institute http://www.activityprofessional.com/

  23. Heart Legacy heartlegacy.com

  24. Idyll Arbor idyllarbor.com

  25. It’s Never 2 Late http://www.in2l.com/

  26. Jax jaxgames.com

  27. Knowledge Unlimited Inc. http://knowledgeunlimited.com/

  28. Lifetime Wellness LTD. http://www.lifetimewellness.us/

  29. Long Term Living http://www.ltlmagazine.com/

  30. Making Memories 101 makingmemories101.com

  31. Mariposa Training http://www.mariposatraining.com/

  32. Melody Lane Productions http://www.melodylane.ca

  33. Meternally meternally.com

  34. Motion Picture Licensing Corporation http://www.mplc.org/

  35. Music with Dawn MusicByWoodSong.com

  36. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped loc.gov/nls

  37. Recreation Therapy recreationtherapy.com

  38. Recreation Therapy Consultants rtcconnect.com

  39. Re-Creative Resources recreativeresources.com

  40. Roses in Winter Prodiuctions Inc singalongwithjohndvds.com

  41. Sagely http://www.gosagely.com/

  42. Sea Bay seabaygame.com

  43. Senior Act senioract.com

  44. Senior Circus http://www.seniorcircus.com/home.php

  45. Senior Craft Box http://www.seniorcraftbox.com/

  46. Sentimental Productions sentimentalonline.com

  47. Shadowbox Press shadowboxpress.com

  48. Shrinkins shrinkins.com

  49. Stuff 2 Color stuff2color.com

  50. Sunday at the Memories sundayatthememories.com

  51. TBH Toolkits http://tbhtoolkits.com/

  52. Tender Touch For All http://www.tendertouchforall.org/

  53. Trost Collection http://ttrostcollection.com/

  54. The Activity Director’s Office theactivitydirectorsoffice.com

  55. West Music westmusic.com